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Marijuana recommended by a licensed Ohio physician has been legal in Ohio since
September 8, 2016. Omni Medical Services was the first company to be there for
qualified patients since that date! Now, Omni patients can access medical marijuana
dispensaries in Ohio with certification in the state database by our doctors who are state
certified to write recommendations. All Omni clinics in Ohio are staffed with certified
doctors approved to recommend marijuana for medicinal purposes. Our educated and
compassionate support staff minimizes stress and answers all of your questions.

How Does the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP)
Comfort and Protect Qualified Ohio Patients?

Instead of the affirmative defense medical marijuana card and recommendation script,
The Ohio state certification and “card” provides the following benefits:

Ohio Marijuana Dispensary Access

  • With your licensed medical doctor recommendation and state certification
    (medical marijuana card), you’ll be able to purchase high grade, laboratory
    tested marijuana and marijuana products for your medicinal purposes.
    Dispensaries will sell cannabis products in forms such as oils, creams,
    tinctures, edibles and marijuana plant material such as dry flower for
    vaporizers. Most Ohio dispensaries located throughout the state will have
    safe access and will be prepared to meet your needs as a certified patient
    or caregiver purchasing medical marijuana in a variety of strains and


  • Ohio registered caregivers do not require a qualifying medical condition,
    but must be associated with a specific certified patient. Caregiving
    provides a means for qualified patients without transportation or with
    limited mobility to assign purchase and transportation rights to
    another person to obtain marijuana and marijuana-based products from a

The Law

  • As a certified patient or caregiver, registry in the Ohio Medical Marijuana
    Control Program (OMMCP) makes it easy for Ohio law enforcement to
    recognize that you have the proper credentials to possess, transport, and
    if you are a qualified patient, consume medical marijuana products.

Interstate Travel and Dispensary Access To Other States

  • When the Ohio Board of Pharmacy establishes reciprocity agreements
    with other cannabis-friendly states, it may be possible to visit and
    purchase marijuana and products with your Ohio medical marijuana
    registration and card in those states. Patients and caregivers traveling the
    highways between states should be mindful of the laws in each state while
    using or transporting marijuana and marijuana-based products.


Obtaining medical marijuana through Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) involves three basic steps:


Do you have one of the 21 qualifying conditions? The first step to becoming a medical marijuana patient is to establish and maintain a bona fide physician-patient relationship with a certified physician.

Qualifying Medical Conditions

  • Only patients with one of the following medical conditions may currently
    participate in Ohio’s medical marijuana program: AIDS, amyotrophic lateral
    sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic traumatic encephalopathy,
    Crohn’s disease, epilepsy or another seizure disorder, fibromyalgia, glaucoma,
    hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, pain that is either
    chronic and severe or intractable, Parkinson’s disease, positive status for HIV,
    post-traumatic stress disorder, sickle cell anemia, spinal cord disease or injury,
    Tourette’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and ulcerative colitis.​


  • Once a recommending physician has entered a patient or caregiver into
    the registry, the patient/caregiver will receive an email prompting them to login to
    their profile in the Patient Registry. In the registry, complete your application and
    pay the fee.
  • The annual cost of a medical marijuana registration is $50 for patients and $25
    for caregivers. Patients who qualify for indigent or veteran status may be eligible
    for fee reductions.


  • After receiving your Patient & Caregiver Registry card, you may purchase
    medical marijuana from an Ohio dispensary licensed by the State of Ohio Board
    of Pharmacy.
  • Dispensary staff will counsel you on the appropriate type and dose of product for
    your condition.
  • Only patients with an active registry card, an active recommendation, and their
    associated government-issued ID can purchase medical marijuana.
  • Find medical marijuana near you by clicking here. During the early months of
    Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program, the industry responsible for growing,
    producing and testing these products is in start-up phase and may have limited
    inventory available. Also, not all proposed dispensary locations will be fully
    licensed and open for business.

Compassion and Economics

In many cases, our patients and inquiring Ohio residents from many different
communities have found that the cost of a doctor’s recommendation, state certification
and the cost of medical marijuana and products can strain a budget. Timing may allow
for a one-time payment, but sometimes a monthly payment option provides breathing
room. Omni has always extended discounts to veterans and those who refer new
patients and caregivers for our certification and registration services.

$199 – New Patient
$175 – Existing or Former Omni Patient
$175 – Renewal

Get Your Marijuana Card for as low as $95 (monthly payment plan)
** State requires a direct payment via credit or debit card of $50 (Patient) & $25 (Caregiver)
as the final process to receiving your card.

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Omni clinics can book your appointment in multiple locations in the metropolitan
areas of Ohio. Call us to see if you qualify, then make an appointment to see one of
our doctors. You may have up to two persons registered as your caregivers, or have them make
their own appointments to get registered by our staff. Once a patient or caregiver is approved,
you will leave our office with the ability to go straight to a dispensary and purchase marijuana
and natural cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes, for your relief!

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