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Omni Medical Services of Ohio

About Us

   Omni Founders David Koyle and Ryan Lakin, M.D.

Since our founding in 2012 as Omni Medical Staffing, LLC in Michigan, Omni Services has been a multi-state leader in providing specialized professional medical staffing services achieving quality results for our clients in receiving medical marijuana certifications.

We are addressing the need to provide competent, licensed physicians to clinics and other facilities in need of medical professionals. Our solutions are customized medical staffing services focused on the specific needs of patients seeking discreet evaluations. Our goal is to be the standard of care for our patients and we maintain an active role in the management of medical staff provided to our clients. Our licensed doctors, caregivers and administrative assistants are hand-picked and often matched with the unique environment and character of our client’s business location when feasible.



We have supported NORML and have tracked holistic and alternative forms of medicine closely, including medical cannabis. We actively research and follow changes in local and state legislatures in order to be ready and able to provide doctors licensed to practice medicine in the state where the need arises. We are proud that our doctors can provide medical certification  and recommendation services in many communities. We are there for patients seeking compassionate care and non-judgmental evaluations of their medical conditions and desire for alternative pain management solutions.

Omni Services works to maintain itself as a leader in an effort to provide for the rights of patients seeking all forms of pain management satisfaction. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of medical scheduling and patient fulfillment. Our doctors receive instructional training relative to the certification process. During this training they become comfortable with evaluation procedures, providing education and follow-up patient-doctor services. Our staffing experience and compassionate medical doctors are just two of the reasons why our medical professionals have assisted over 17,000 patients in obtaining relief from chronic pain.


   Omni HQ Team – Ohio

As one of the premier providers of medical marijuana certifications in the country, Omni Medical Services was the first medical provider in Ohio to issue medical marijuana recommendations, providing our patients with an affirmative defense and the ability to purchase medical marijuana from Michigan dispensaries. We have a national network of compassionate and knowledgeable physicians that specialize in providing safe, affordable, and reliable access for our patients. We understand your conditions and know when your pharmaceutical options for the management of your pain and discomfort just aren’t enough. Our solutions are customized for each individual patient and our medical staffing services are focused on the specific needs of patients seeking discreet evaluations.

Omni Medical Services closely monitors Federal and Ohio law and always remains up-to-date on the most recent legislation and regulations. Our friendly and professional staff are happy to address any questions or concerns, and will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

After calling to schedule an appointment, the doctor will review patients’ medical records to determine if they qualify, and then set up an appointment based on their assessment. Omni Medical Services’ doctors will walk patients through each step of the medical marijuana registration process and help patients along their path to safely and legally accessing medical cannabis.