Compassionate Doctors Certifying Your Conditions for Relief!

Omni Medical Services of Ohio



  • Once the recommending Omni physician has entered a patient or caregiver into the registry during their appointment, the patient/caregiver will receive an email prompting them to login to their profile in the Patient Registry.
  • During your appointment in the clinic, Omni staff will help you complete your application and you will make arrangements to pay the fee (credit, debit, payment plan, etc.).
  • The annual cost of an OMMCP (state) medical marijuana registration is $50 for patients and $25 for caregivers. Patients who qualify for indigent or veteran status may be eligible for fee reductions and special payment plans.



You will come in on your appointment date and time with your Ohio state ID, medical records supporting your condition (in hand or faxed to (888)470-0008) and the fee for our service. That fee is $280 for New patients and $250 for existing Omni patients. We offer payment plans that fit your budget to help get you to the dispensary after your appointment.

You will spend about 10 – 20 minutes consulting with the doctor about your condition, what you have done to alleviate your condition to date, and your expectations of cannabis and marijuana products.

With doctor certification of your condition, you will leave with a physician recommendation and your email confirmation from the state indicating that you have been certified for your condition. You must then pay $50 to the State of Ohio to finalize your state certification.  The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program will email your Ohio certification card for you to print at your convenience.

The state process requires that the patient have a valid email address. An Omni administrator can help patients without emails to set them up during the appointment. We know many patients are not computer savvy or they do not have access to a computer or the Internet, so an Omni administrator will help setup an email account for the patient before or during the clinic.

Once certified, patients can legally purchase marijuana at a state certified Ohio dispensary. Registered patients may carry and use marijuana for medicinal purposes as outlined in Ohio state law.  Patients will also receive a list of Omni-friendly dispensaries where marijuana and marijuana products like oils, lotions and edibles can be purchased for medicinal needs.

Because the physician writes the equivalent of a prescription recommending marijuana, patients must return for an appointment every 365 days to renew that prescription recommendation.  The annual renewal fee is only $250.


Omni always offers a $5 discount per patient referred and a 10% Veterans Discount.

Remember, we also offer payment plans that may best suit your budget!